AI-POWERED CANDIDATE RECOMMENDATION's inbuilt algorithm gathers the candidate's data from your talent pool within the tool and recommends the right candidate for the jobs created.

See how it works :)

Once the job is created, if you go to the job,  instead of adding any candidate to the job, publishing the job to the career site, opening the job for IJP or referral, job boards, Auto-Sourcing or without adding any agencies to the job you can use the 'Show Recommendation' option. Toggling the option to 'ON' will give you a list of candidates from the candidate's pool for the Job and next to each candidate there will be an +Add to Job option.

Once you click on +Add to Job, automatically the status of the application changes to Sourced and a new window pops up which will ask you if you want to notify the candidate or not.  Now, it totally depends on the recruiter if you want to notify the candidate or not. If Yes, then click on Notify or else click on Do not Notify. Kindly look at the screenshot below.

Lastly, when you check the Job candidate application page the candidate will be added to the job.

FYI: Using this feature you can build instant talent pool right away and re-engage with the known candidates as soon as the job is created instead of spending time finding new leads.