Thinking of outbound hiring? No worries we got you covered :)

You can set up your hiring events Walk-ins, Hackathons, Recruitment Fairs etc right from the recruitment portal and publish it on your career page in no time.

See how it works :)

Note: Hiring events can only be enabled if and only if the job is published or scheduled to publish on the career page.

On the Sourcing page of the job, once you Publish OR Schedule to publish the job on the career page, the Hiring Event button highlights (See the Screenshots below).

When the job is Unpublished:

When the Job is Published:

Once the Job is published, to create a Hiring event, toggle the 'OFF' button next to the hiring event option to 'ON'. You will get an option highlighted in blue colour  '+Add hiring event'.  Click on +Add hiring event and fill up the Hiring event details. (See the screenshot below).

Once you click on +Add Hiring event, a new  Add hiring event window will pop up where you will have to fill in the hiring event details and save the details.

Note: You can click on Save or Save and add new. If you click on save and add new, it will give you another Add hiring event blank window where you can add the details of a new hiring event if you want to.

Now, you can see the hiring event is added on the sourcing page and it is published on the career page Hiring events section as well where candidates can register directly from the career page for any Hiring events. Also, if you want to add more hiring events you can go to the sourcing page of the job and add multiple hiring events. Any edit required for hiring events which are already created can be done by clicking on the three dots next to the hiring event and you will get the edit option.

On the career page, the job will be published on the Hiring events section.  (See the screenshot below)

Once you click on the Hiring event, the application will pop up below. If multiple events are added to a single job then you can choose the Hiring event and fill up the Hiring event accordingly. If the candidate portal is enabled on the career page then, candidate's will have to Sign up or log in to fill up the application

This is how you can drive more traffic to a job by creating hiring events.